Burgess & Harris

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“If Anybody Asks…” a new album by Burgess & Harris

Listen here: https://ditto.fm/if-anybody-asks

Burgess and Harris are Christine (nee Burgess) Ringer and Dave Harris of Blue Horizon Country Band.

Christine and Dave have been active on the country scene since the early 80’s and were formerly in a band called “KeyWest” forming Blue Horizon in 1996.

Christine and Dave have written many songs over the years and Burgess and Harris is a new project concentrating on original songs written solely by them, which will run alongside Blue Horizon.

Special guests on the new CD “If Anybody Asks…” include Niles Krieger of the ‘Often Herd’ on Fiddle, Irene Hume of Prelude Harmony Vocals, Paul Smith of Lindisfarne on Drums, Jon J Paul on Accordion and John P Taylor on Keyboards, Bass, Acoustic guitar and Harmony Vocals.

The album was recorded at Mirage Studios, Marske, and Produced by John P Taylor.

Christine Ringer: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Dave Harris: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin and Harmony Vocals

The album is available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and CD format from the band at their gigs and via mail-order through the Burgess & Harris Facebook page and the Blue Horizon Country Band website and Facebook page.