Press Reviews

“It is not often I comment directly about artists on this page but I just have to write about how much I enjoyed Blue Horizon. This band of musicians, who were booked as a four-piece, arrived as a six piece and blew everyone away with their quality and musicianship. They were the act I can remember on the British Country music circuit.

I am not taking anything away from the other superb acts doing the rounds but each month I read reports from the various contributors and thought I would add my two-penneth. I will probably never see them again, they have been going for many years and this was my first time, which just goes to show how busy our scene can be that we don’t often bump into the same acts too often because there are so many to choose from, some as good if not better than our American cousins.”

Rob Davies

Executive editor Cross Country magazine June 2015


“The Blue Horizon Band was performing at Rossington Labour Club and we were pleased to be able to visit. Christine Ringer, Mark Hopps and Dave Harris put on a super show, with Christine on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mark Hopps on bass guitar and harmonies and Dave on lead guitar, electric mandolin, lap steel and harmonies.

We heard a wide range of great Country songs, also a couple of instrumentals featuring Dave on electric mandolin and lap steel. These three made a wonderful sound on such songs which included Whiskey Lullaby which they sang almost acapella.

The three sets went far too quickly but a couple of requested encores sent everyone away happy.”

Jan Heaton on her travels…..around South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire

Cross Country magazine June 2015